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Ride East Coast

So many great places to ride along the East Coast. This trip could take a lifetime.

Mt Joyce MTB Trails

I’d thoroughly enjoyed riding the lush coastal trails at Glenrock and Nambucca Heads in New South Wales but the thought of sampling Mt Joyce’s purpose built AM style trails in Queensland had my foot on the gas hoping to arrive at the park in time for at least two runs before the end of the day.

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Jacks Ridge MTB Trail Nambucca Heads

After starting the day riding the MTB trails at Glenrock I headed north to Nambucca Heads in search of Jack’s Ridge. NSW riders are spoiled for choice with great destinations dotted along the coast but there seemed to be a unique online vibe surrounding the trails at Jacks Ridge. Stopping over at Nambucca Heads also fitted in perfectly with my travel plans so it was a done deal.

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Glenrock MTB Trails Newcastle

Breaking up the 3300km drive to visit my folks in North Queensland with a few doses of MTB therapy sounded like a mighty fine idea. I researched a dozen or so ride options on various driving routes but it was only when I learnt that the forest housing the Taree Tip trails was closed due to a burn that things started to take shape. A longish 1000km day one drive from Castlemaine, Vic to Newcastle, NSW meant I could ride Glenrock the following morning, Jack’s Ridge at Nambucca Heads that afternoon and go from there if it all went to plan…

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Race the Train

There’s a pretty cool fun event coming up in Central Victoria called ‘Race the Train‘. Cyclists have the opportunity to ride/race alongside the Goldfields Railway Steam Train between the towns of Castlemaine and Maldon.

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