After trail hopping my way up from Central Victoria (including rides at Glenrock, Nambucca Heads and Mt Joyce) it felt pretty cool to arrive in Brisbane and get to check out the local MTB trails at Daisy Hill with my younger brother Chris.

The Daisy Hill Conservation Park is located just off the M1 Pacific Motorway about 25km south of Brisbane. It’s clearly a popular spot to ride, especially on weekends with riders of all ages and sizes buzzing around by the time we arrived mid Saturday morning. The park contains a wide variety of XC trails, and with trails heading off in all directions it’s the type of place where it’s  handy to tag along with someone who knows their way around – thanks Chris!

The trails have something for everyone – dry bush, rainforest gullies, waterholes, rocks, roots, buff trails, loose gravely trails and more. Add in that the trails are all two way and it definitely keeps you on your toes. Our loop took in Nirvana, Koala, Ripleys, Tunnel of Love, Sleepy Hollow, Possum Box and many more.

Coming directly from Mt Joyce, overall the Daisy Hill trails had a slower, tighter cross country feel but to have a network of trails with such varied terrain within a city is nothing short of awesome!

Next stop: Gap Creek Mt Cootha

Chris at Daisy Hill MTB Trails Queensland
Chris at Daisy Hill MTB Trails Queensland


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