Digital Hippie


Believe it or not, I’m much more comfortable behind a camera…

Morning Revelation

Close to 25 years ago I sat up on Mt McKay at sunrise and created an image very similar to the one below. You can see the original image in my Instagram feed. I often wondered if I should leave it at that with this particular image – another pretty mountain landscape posted online for people to enjoy. Nothing wrong with that at all really, apart from the ‘why’ of the photo remaining unknown.

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In 2005 as part of a book project I had the opportunity to explore and photograph many of Bendigo’s historic properties. Early one morning I drove up to Bendigo to photograph sunrise over the inner city from the roof of the Hotel Shamrock, a grand 19th century building that is very much a part of region’s gold rush history.

To get to the small square section of roof where the flagpole stands I had to pass through the vacant fifth floor which had an eerie vibe. Heading back down after sunrise I noticed a series of doorways, the dark and the light, the cracked and peeling grubby walls, the colors, and the word ESCAPE with an arrow pointing down.

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Painting with Light

In terms of hippie obsessions, wheel love has never left room for much else. Photography though has always been there lurking, waiting for the opportunity to be the number one obsession, every now and then succeeding even. Together I guess they’ve played a big part in making sense of a hippie’s life in general, so for the story to be complete some stuff on photography is required.

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