Woodend MTB Singletrack

I felt ok after the monthly MUni ride so with a break in the wet weather and the flu seemingly done and dusted it was time to start exploring the network of MTB singletrack trails at Woodend, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. The singletrack might also be ideal for upcoming MUni group […]

Monthly MUni Ride 02

It was GREAT to see so many unicyclists brave the cold and stormy Winter weather forecast and arrive at the Chocolate Mill meeting point for the second Monthly MUni ride.

Browns Gully

I met up with Eric the Red and we headed out on our 29’ers to ride the Browns Gully section of the Great Dividing Trail. The return of cold Winter weather dampened our enthusiasm initially, but it turned out to be a great day for riding.

Monthly MUni Ride 01

The day of the first Wombat Forest Monthly MUni finally arrived, and amazingly after more than a week of cold drizzly weather the sun came out. Blue skies, fresh clean air — an awesome day for Mountain Unicycling.

Stout 2.3 + Freeride Rim = Mud Machine

The rain clouds cleared briefly and I headed out with the Freeride 29’er. The combination of the 47mm rim and Stout 2.3 was great fun on the wet muddy tracks, like a 4×4 wheel drive… a 1×1?

DeFender of Rain and Cold

It takes some convincing to head out for an off road ride in cold Winter rain but after the first few minutes you realize it’s well and truly worth it. Riding off road in the rain is great fun, equal parts peaceful and crazy slippery. Plus how else can you test if a new mudguard […]