A couple of days after Monday Madness at Maydena and I am still munted! My hands and wrists are still aching… and that is frickin AWESOME!

Maydena is the real deal. Have a crack at a fast run and your body feels the burn, you bike feels the burn… fresh brake pads anyone?! Longer runs on average take around 20 minutes – 20 minutes of having a red hot go. So many places it can all go wrong. Yeah it is SWEET!

So I wondered how many runs could you fit in a regular shuttle day at Maydena and how much vertical would that amount to. The answer is ~6350 meters of vert over 7 runs. 7 runs, doesn’t sound much right? Except most riders are fully baked after 4-5 runs, having already turned back the reach on their brake levers earlier in the day.

Maydena is tough in the funnest possible way. I disintegrated twice on the very last run, unable to hold back the forces at play. Funny!

Munted! Maydena Monday Madness


Maydena Mojo


Maydena MTB Park Mojo




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