But most of all I miss my dropper post!

Vonnie and I have taken delivery of two Surly Karate Monkeys for our upcoming bike rafting adventure in New Zealand. Thanks BTW to Roll Cycles in Hobart for the sweet custom setups!

To soften the fully rigid ride I’ve fitted plush 3.0 tires to mine, but dang I’d forgotten what it’s like to descend steep terrain without a dropper post!

The way of the Karate Monkey

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  1. Hey mate,
    Way back i bought one of your old Kris Holm unis. It is still going well. We appear to have similar taste in toys. I see you bought a karate monkey recently for an adventure. Looking to get one myself. Not sure if you are likely to turn it over any time soon but if you are are dont hesitate to let me know.

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