I haven’t had a chance to post much over the Christmas break but there’s still been time to ride the uni each day, even if only to exercise and train Didj, our new super dog 🙂

The 24″ GUni is still my favorite uni, though I’ve also been riding the 20, 29 and 36. Getting back on the 36 is a hoot. The big wheel has such a different feel to smaller uni’s including the 29’er. It rolls so smoothly and fast. The 29’er feels like a lighter, faster 24’er albeit with a weaker wheel, and doesn’t really have any of the big wheel feel of the 36’er. The 29’er has ideal lately though for walking the dog! The 20″ is great fun to loon around on, especially in the home trials area, and practice new skills.

My uni's, apart from the 24 GUni
My uni’s, apart from the 24 GUni

Didj, the uni super dog 😀

Didge, Uni Super Dog
Didge, Uni Super Dog

Some pics from rides over Xmas on the 24 GUni.

Xmas GUni

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  1. Thanks Sam.

    I didn’t get to Unicon unfortunately. I’m not especially interested in competitive unicycling but the social aspect of it would’ve been fun!

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