I’ve been super happy with the tubeless conversion on my KH36’er so decided to go tubeless on the KH24 GUni.

The drilled rim on the KH24 weights 655 grams. The 24×3 tube ~425 grams. Add in the Duro 3.0″ tire and it’s not surprising the KH24 is heavy even compared to the larger KH29.

24×3″ tube, thick and heavy

Several rounds of clear adhesive rim tape was used to cover the holes in the drilled rim – the first round facing away from the rim (so the sticky side wasn’t showing through the rim holes) and 3 rounds facing the rim, in the process securing the first round.

One super funky side effect of using clear tape is being able to see the Stans liquid as it sloshes around inside the tire as you ride along.

Tubeless KH24 MUni
Tubeless KH24 MUni

The tubeless Duro 3.0 feels GREAT to ride on! I’ve begun exploring lower pressures, no problems so far.

Another funky side effect – motoring along trails in 1:1.5 the tubeless Duro 3.O” tire makes a distinct hollow humming noise 🙂

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  1. How did you put this together? Did you use one of Stan’s kits?

    I’m specifically wondering what sort of valve setup you used and how you got the liquid in there.

    Thanks for the great blog!

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