A super humid day in these parts, it felt like I was back in the tropics! I headed out into the forest on the 24 GUni for a post Xmas sweat fest.

The 24 GUni is zipping along. The more I ride it, the more natural it feels in 1:1.5. AWESOME!

Tropical MUni

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  1. Any chance the monthly muni rides will be back on this month?

    I am looking forward to giving the Surly another outing.

  2. Heya Matt, the monthly MUni rides are back on but depends on weather over summer.

    Today for example should have been the monthly MUni ride but it’s been sitting on 40 degrees all day with super low humidity – not a day for being out in the bush.

    Over summer it might end up being easier to just grab the MUni when the weather is suitable and head for the nearest fun place to ride.

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