XTR Trail Pedal Problems… Again

Back in July 2012 I posted about excessive bearing play in the drive side Shimano XTR Trail pedal after only a few months of use. As I discovered back then it’s an all too common problem with XTR Trail pedals.

1X10 Drivetrain Overhaul

The Mojo HD’s 1×10 drivetrain is due for some love including a new chainring, chain and cassette… which inevitably leads to wondering what if any changes to make.

MRP Mini-G2 Mod

MRP Mini-G2 Mod

I’ve been super keen to try out an XTR Shadow Plus derailleur – for improved shifting performance and significantly reduced noise (via the derailleur’s beefy chain management system).

XTR Trail Pedals

Shimano Trail Pedals

Another dream upgrade to the hippie mobile are Shimano XTR Trail pedals. They sure are mighty purdy, beautifully made, the click-in and release action is sweet, as is the extra support. Now the only thing to do is… plough them into a rock or two!

Rockshox Reverb Seatpost

Rockshox Reverb Seatpost

Oh yeah baby — Thanks to the guys at The Bike Vault the hippie is now on Reverb, one of my Mojo HD dream upgrades… wucka, wucka, wucka, wucka!

Dreamin Upgrades

Rockshox Reverb Seatpost

I guess not riding much lately can only lead to one thing… spending too much time online watching bike videos and reading about bike stuff, which leads to obsessing about upgrades!

Captain Armadillo Elite

The Captain 2.2. Armadillo Elite

So I had a pretty goofy crash the other day. It was on a section of trail I ride often which I think was part of the reason I stacked – just not paying enough attention to conditions, bike and trail.

KMC Chain, Missing Link & e*thirteen Chain Ring

Thought I better do something productive while getting over the flu, almost there thankfully. I guess getting around in the wee hours of Winter mornings, out in the rain and wind, might tend to slow the process down some. The 1×10 drivetrain was definitely overdue for some love so I replaced the worn front chain […]