It all started off with a mismatched paint job on my new KH36 unicycle last October. No big deal but UDCA kindly offered to have the frame powder coated. I couldn’t decide on a color and didn’t want the 36er to be out of action for a couple of weeks. I also thought if I ever got around to doing anything about the paint job, removing it and going for a polished Alu look could be cool.

During the XC GUNI Bar Project it turned out that one of the guys who had been doing the welding on the bars also offered an after hours stripping and polishing service for Alu – a stripped, polished frame would also match the finish of the GUNI Bar. So I went ahead with getting the KH36 frame done. Weight weenies would also be jumping up and down about how many grams doing so saves!

I didn’t really know what to expect, but the frame came up great. Though I still like the KH Blue on my other uni’s they look positively dull alongside the polished frame. I’m still getting use to the bling!

The Speedplays are proving to be awesome on the 36 GUNI

All that’s missing is fluffy dice! 🙂

Unicycle Bling Bling
Unicycle Bling Bling

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  1. Just curious: when you sripped and polished, did you lose the Kris Holm logos that are etched into the sides of the frame?

    Also, do you have some sort of plugs in the extra crank holes? I need me some of them, I think.

    I love my Big Blue 36, but that chromed look is sweet!

  2. Hi Peripatet, the KH signatures on the side of the forks and the ‘KH36’ on the front of the uni are no longer there.

    I don’t have any plugs in the spare crank holes but they could be handy for sure.

    I’ve got a couple of KH unis and I like the blue color, but dang the polished frame has come up really nicely!

  3. Heya thanks Mike. I didn’t expect so much bling, but am really pleased with how it turned out.

    I’m putting together information related to the strip and polish process used for the frame and hope to have that posted in the next week or so.

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