I hadn’t dragged my kids out for a night uni photo session for ages. The 24 GUni needed a clean so we headed into the nearby forest for a night uni washing session, MUni style!

Off road unicycling at night is a hoot – ‘other worldly’ is probably the best description I can think of. Familiar trails take on a whole new life. I used two sets of  Ay Up! lights, on the helmet and the handlebar, though one helmet mounted light is adequate for most night riding.

I’m hoping to do an overnight epic ride sometime in the next couple of months.

Night GUni
Night GUni

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  1. Hey, your picture looks great! Winter is coming and i’ll have to handle Muni’ing at night also. Can you tell me what lights you’re using? Are you able to recognize enough in the dark?

    I’ve seen a post in the german unicycle board about some very awsome lights, but they’re pretty expensive.
    A cheaper solution than lights for 600EUR+ would be great.


  2. Hi Shasaar, I use Ay Up! lights, which are popular in the MTB night racing scene here in Australia. Great value too, they are WAY WAY cheaper than 600 EUR!

    I sometimes use two light sets as in the photo – one helmet mounted, one mounted on the handlebar. The lights provide excellent coverage, and for a lot of riding just the helmet mounted set would do. Though even with good lights, night uni is still a very different experience, love it!

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