Great winter weather and a bunch of riders, the third monthly MUni ride was a hoot! Lots of laughs, no broken bones, great success 🙂

Like many unicyclists almost all of my riding is alone so the social aspect of the monthly MUni rides is really enjoyable, though always sort of strange initially. From looking forward and seeing a bunch of uni’s cruising through the forest, meeting other riders,  to chatting about anything uni with people who ‘get it’,  it’s a cool way to ride and a different experience to going solo.

The looping route included fire track climbs followed by single track descents.

Group Shot
Group Shot

After French Vanilla Slice and munchies at the Woodend Bakery, the local guys took over the Woodend Skate Park before heading home.

Single Track
Single Track

Thanks to everyone who came up for the ride, hope to catch up with you guys for another ride or three.

Special mention to Joell and Oscar who rode the trail on 20″ uni’s, onya guys!

Details of September MUni Ride 04 — Wombat MTB Trail

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  1. Pete: Thanks for organising the ride. It was great – although it almost destroyed my poor axis 24″. I’ll need to source a decent ride before I try this again. If you’re ever planning a 36″ friendly ride I’d be up for it.

  2. Thanks for coming up Ian. Bummer there wasn’t another 24″ MUni to spare. I’ve added a note on the Monthly MUni page that off road uni’s are required from now on.

    The fire trail loop we rode part of on the weekend is actually a good ride on the 36’er in the opposite direction to the way we went. Would’ve meant riding alone on Sunday.

    Hear ya though, I’m up for a 36″ off road ride any time and have also been wanting to do the Skipton Rail Trail. The Maldon Castlemaine Rail Trail is also a fun ride on a 36’er:

  3. The Skipton rail trail looks like a fine ride. Not sure whether I could manage the whole 55km and return in one outing though…

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