Wombat Kemosabe

Wombat Forest, Mountain Challenge MTB Enduro Series

Two sunny, clear and cold days — what a cracker of a start to Winter! You’ve just gotta get out there and enjoy the blue skies if you can as the next few months could just as well be grey, damp and bleak.

Nice Work – Wombat Trail

SMH's Nice Work features the Wombat Mountain Bike Club

Great to see the Wombat Mountain Bike Club featured in a ‘Nice Work’ video on the Sydney Morning Herald web site.

Wombat Off Peak

Wombat Forest, Mountain Challenge MTB Enduro Series

The Wombat MTB Trail on the outskirts of Woodend gets pretty busy during the weekends. I’ve been wanting to get back there since the last Vanilla Slice Quest so thought it would be best to go Wombat Off Peak and headed over late afternoon. During the week you pretty much have the place to yourself.

The Chute

Looking back towards The Chute, Mount Macedon

The Clock2Clock Challenge was held at Woodend last weekend. Prior to the event there were regular rides of the course creating some buzz online about… The Chute. Julien and I headed to Woodend the other day, the general idea being to eat some of Bourkies Vanilla Slice, ride some or all of the Clock2Clock course, […]

Wombat MTB Trail

I had a few things to do in Woodend so took the 24 GUni along to ride the local Wombat MTB Trail. Good timing too as today was the last opportunity to squeeze in a longer ride before the Cyclic Navigator on the weekend, and the weather today was much hotter than the excellent cool […]

Black Forest GUni

Felt pretty good today so decided to make use of the cooler weather and head over to Black Forest with the 24″ GUni. I’ve ridden the trails there on a 36’er, 29’er and single speed 24 so was interested to see how it would be on the 24 GUni.