KH Moment cranks are bombproof for sure, but that probably also means they are overbuilt (and overweight) for many riders and/or riding situations. Especially with longer Moments you begin to feel the weight of each crank as they spin around.

With the crank problems I had with my earlier geared hub I wondered if a good chunk of the crank meat could be milled away, to increase clearance and loose weight without compromising strength too much.

According to Florian, regarding crank/frame clearance issues when running a Schlump hub:

The milling of the cranks is a very good solution.

A few guys have milled their Moment cranks to loose weight. Florian kindly offered to mill a pair of cranks to address the crank/frame clearance if I sent them over with the hub but as it happened a local aussie guy with the skills and machinery was interested in having a crack at milling some Moments to address crank/frame clearance AND loose weight. After a contra or two, two pair of test cranks were milled – thanks Ian!

The milled 150/125 cranks are now in use on my KH24″ GUni. Depending on how they go there are a few ideas in the works re milling the next set of cranks.

Milled Moment Cranks
Milled Moment Cranks
Milled Moment Cranks
Milled Moment Cranks

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  1. Not sure Corbin, will drop Ian an email – be great if he can post here the details here.

    Now you’ve got a mill look forward to seeing the stuff you make with it!

  2. Sam I had weighed a standard single hole 150 and the milled dual hole, just need to find where I wrote it… DOH! The milled dual hole was lighter by a fair margin.

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