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Mountain Biking Events

Off to Ride the Kow

I’m not into competitive cycling in any form, but I am excited to be heading to the Mont 24 Hour later this month. I’m looking forward to riding somewhere completely new to me and sampling some of Canberra’s fabled MTB trails, both in the day and night. If the 18km course map is anything to go by it looks like it’ll be fun weekend. I’ll be hanging out at Camp BikeBox, thanks fellas!

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XTR Trail Pedal Problem

Like many MTB heads I’ve often drooled over XTR parts but rarely have been able to afford and/or justify going there. So it was with a fair level of excitement I fitted a few XTR bits and pieces to the Mojo HD late last year. At the time the XTR derailleur was the only way to get your hands on Shadow Plus, which has since trickled down through Shimano’s 2013 range with SRAM also releasing its own version. It’s a huge drivetrain improvement IMO, great stuff!

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Tour de Vines

October’s already here, the month of the MASARG Tour de Vines Respite Facility Fundraiser to be held at the very scenic Bress Winery at the end of the month. All the money raised goes towards a new respite facility for MASARG, so it’s a pretty cool way for anyone into cycling to give back to the community.

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BressXpress is a ride through the scenic vineyards, orchards and single track bush trails at Bress Winery, Harcourt Victoria. It’s a great setting with Mt Alexander as the backdrop. and the course is well suited MTB riders of just about all skill levels.

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