Like many MTB heads I’ve often drooled over XTR parts but rarely have been able to afford and/or justify going there. So it was with a fair level of excitement I fitted a few XTR bits and pieces to the Mojo HD late last year. At the time the XTR derailleur was the only way to get your hands on Shadow Plus, which has since trickled down through Shimano’s 2013 range with SRAM also releasing its own version. It’s a huge drivetrain improvement IMO, great stuff!

I also opted to fit XTR Trail pedals – the trail cage/platform combo looked schmick and the price was right. I was a little bummed that within a relatively short space of time the drive side pedal started oozing grease, grinding and clicking with a fair amount of side to side play. Checking around online it seems that quite a few guys with the XTR Trail pedals have had the same problem and that Shimano have been replacing the pedals under warranty:

I don’t claim to be the gentlest rider when it comes to looking after my pedals and there are no shortage of rocks to bang them on, but it is disappointing for a top of the range trail pedal to fail in a relatively short period of time when for example my original Shimano pedals from 1991/1992 still spin smoothly with minimal play after years of abuse, off road and on road – as you can see by the gouging below.

My original SPD pedals, 1991/1992
My original SPD pedals, 1991/1992

The XTR Trail pedals are on their way back to Shimano Australia, hopefully they’ll get it sorted. Interestingly for the 20 years difference my old SPD pedal is only ~60 grams heavier than the 2012 XTR Trail pedal. There ya go!

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  1. Hey Pete,

    Interested to know where the xtr’s are manufactured these days?

    Had a Makita drill from the 80’s, made in Japan and mostly made of metal (metal sections were amazing quality), now even the $600+ Makita’s are made in China!

    Good luck with the warranty issue.


  2. I always have liked Shimano pedals better than the other brands for durability,however I am on my second pair of m-980s in a couple years they develop a lot of play on the axel in a short amount of time,the last time I brought a set back to the Colorado Cyclist hopping to warranty them the guy behind the counter adjusted them instead. The next dat one of them fell apart on the trail, which has happened coincidentally every time anyone has overhauled a pair of pedals for me,not wanting to deal with prick anymore i just got a new pair somewhere else. Now after less than 6months my new ones have quite a bit of play.I would like to know how your warranty worked out.I surly don’t want my pedals adjusted again.

  3. Love your pic of your 1992 SPD pedals. I still ride my XT Shimano SPDs from around the same time and it’s been over 20 years! No play, no bearing problems, banged them on rocks, dragged through water and mud.

    Shimano has my high praises for such sturdy equipment. Only recently did I have to replace my Shimano shoes. Rock solid quality, I hope quality control has kept up all these years.

  4. cool that you are still rolling with your SPD pedals from back then. Overall I think Shimano still do a great job in terms of build quality e.g. I’ve been running the same XT brake since 2012 with hardly any servicing, no problems etc – but the XTR Trail pedal is definitely one of their fails.

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