Finally… time to get back on the uni, WOOHOO! My lower leg/ankle/foot is still quite tender and swollen but nothing like it was, I guess it’s ~75% working. Maybe a light short ride would help get it moving again, and regardless it would be great for the mind and spirit to get back out into the forest.

I rode for about an hour on the nearby trails, stopping back in at home halfway through to fit an ankle support. The foot isn’t comfortable in a shoe ATM, and the extra support seemed to help. Light riding seemed to be okay, but the slight twist to shift down to low gear was so-so. Gentle idling on that side felt ok but nothing in the way of jumping, trials etc felt even vaguely possible yet.

Apart from the injury it’s amazing how rested and full of fuel your body feels after a couple of weeks of not doing much. It felt great to be outdoors, in the forest, on the uni!

Cooling off by the creek
Cooling off by the creek

In the three weeks I’ve been off the uni Spring has been replaced by an early start to Summer with the maximum daytime temperature rising from the low 20’s to the mid 30’s. The fresh green growth is being replaced by browned-off fields, and the volume of water running in the creeks and streams has more than halved. From now until around March you’ve really got to make the most of the cool changes as the Summer heat can make it tough to get motivated.

Not sure if it was a good idea to go out on the 24″ GUni instead of the single speed 29’er as in high gear the GUni places additional strain on your ankles etc but I was wanting to see if the injury had healed enough to be able to shift gears okay as there is a 6 hour MTB event at the end of the month I’m still hoping to ride (on the GUni).

Overall it was great to be out in the forest on the uni again. Fingers crossed there won’t be too much of a price to pay and I’ll be able to do the same again tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Nice work Pete, hope you pulled up OK!!! I’ll be back in Melbs sometime in mid Jan, i’ll bring my 29er and see if we can squeeze in a ride. I’ll be in touch. Cheers!!!

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