I’ve never made it down to watch the Australian F1 Grand Prix at Albert Park in Melbourne, but for whatever reason I’ve always thought it would be fun to uni around an F1 circuit. As luck would have it this week I had a couple of appointments in Melbourne the day Albert Park re-opened to public access, one day after the F1 race, so took the GUni along for some fun.

In between appointments mid afternoon I completed a lap of the circuit which was still largely intact – safety fencing, signage, ripple strips – good fun, though there wasn’t a peep of cheering for the weird one wheeled guy coming from the empty grandstands on the main straight, just curious looks from the construction workers. Maybe it was because I was riding the circuit in reverse? Maybe not.

I tried to scoot through pit lane on the GUni but the security guy wasn’t feeling the love even though I explained that he was looking at an off road unicycle F1 equivalent – fat tire, gears, aero bar thingy. I just wanted a pic of me on the F1 podium with the uni… too much to ask? He wouldn’t let me pass but at least did manage a smile when I asked him to start the lap timer as I set off.

I headed back to Albert Park just on sunset and rode around the lake itself, quite scenic and peaceful. Amazing to think that this time 2 days ago the F1’s were buzzing around. Maybe next year uni’s can be a support event 😛

GUni Formula One, Albert Park
GUni Formula One, Albert Park
GUni Formula One, Albert Park

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Very nice photos (as usual)! Amazing! Riding a GUNI on the F1 circuit! Next time take the 36″… How long takes you to the complete the lap? You are probably the first ever uni rider on F1 circuit…

    I´m following your blog since a long time from the other side of the world, Portugal!

    Congratulations, your blog is very nice.

    Best regards from Lisbon.

    Mario Silva

  2. WOOHOO, the GPS clocked me at a maximum speed of 389,707.8 km/h! 😛

    Thanks Mario and Daniel, good fun.

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