You’re feeling flat and head out for an easy spin but for some reason decide to take an unknown trail which you think is probably just a short connector but instead turns out to be hours of mysterious, enjoyable single track which takes you further and further away from anything recognizable. It’s around then you start to think it probably would have been a good idea to bring enough munchies and water for an epic adventure rather than a token amount you’re carrying. Maybe looking at a map before you headed out would have been a good idea too. Add in a hot day… bonus!

Ibis Mojo HD on the trail
Ibis Mojo HD on the trail

Yeah was a great ride today, very cool trail and interesting stuff along the way — blue tongue lizard, deep mine shafts, mtb humpy, what felt like a zillion switchbacks — even if I had to limp my sorry butt home exhausted and out of fuel 🙂

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  1. Hiya Sam just a little compact Panasonic digicam. The lizard slid up and eyeballed the lens for ages, pretty cool.

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