It’s been a fun week of MTB. Mt Beauty, Bright, Falls Creek and last but not least Yackandandah. 

TBH Yackandandah has never been on my radar as a place to ride but turns out that’s seriously my bad as Yack Tracks as they are now known definitely rate up there with the other MTB destinations in North East Victoria.

Friday arvo, Yack Tracks
Friday arvo, Yack Tracks

Yackandandah’s trail network only recently became official. With super clear signage and an easy to digest network structure, the locals have done a great job in making it a dead easy place for a newcomer to visit enjoy.

Check out the trail map and you’ll see what I mean. Instead of an excessive number of short trails and a network loaded with intersections as often is the case, Yack Tracks is made up of several long loops, each dead easy to follow. Want to ride the red loop? No worries, just follow the red markers from the trail head. No need to navigate, just enjoy the ride for the next hour or two.

Yack Tracks Map
Yack Tracks Map

The mostly smooth trails are all hand cut, weaving in and out of a native bush setting and make good use of existing natural features.  The feel is more like you’re riding a walking trail which is always cool IMO. It sort of reminded me of the riding in Central Victoria, but much greener!

All up Yack Tracks are sweet. The trails suit all skill levels, it’s easy to find your way around, and the bush setting is sweet. As a bonus the historic town of Yackandandah itself is worth checking out.

See ya on the trails!

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  1. These trails cover some very scenic countryside around Yackandandah Creek and definitely have a goldfields feel, especially riding along the numerous water races. Would have enjoyed a few more technical features, although there were some large trees across the Yellow Trail on Monday morning. Make sure you bring your climbing gear as there are some steady climbs to negotiate!

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