A new year, a fresh start. Time to get my act together and fit some long awaited goodies to the Mojo HD.

Plan was to fit an XTR Shadow Plus Derailleur and as part of that take the opportunity to simplify the drivetrain further and try running only an upper chain ring guide.  Angle Grinder Required!

The XTR Shadow Plus Derailleur is a beautiful piece of industrial design. Like all things XTR it’s about performance as much as it is about weight.

The derailleur’s key feature, uber chain tension, is enabled by a schmancy gold lever and works wonders.

Some guys have mentioned the shifting action feels significantly heavier with the Shadow Plus fitted, enough to cause fatigue. It does feel a little heavier (with an XT 10spd shifter) but not by a huge amount.

XTR Shadow Plus Derailleur
XTR Shadow Plus Derailleur


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  1. Nice setup! planning to do you same setup…what size is your cage, medium or large (SGS)? thanks

  2. Hey Rey, thanks. Was running a mid XT cage, when it came time to order XTR only SGS was in stock. That’s that I’m running.

    Also had experienced an occasional skip on the smallest cog in rough terrain when running the XT. I removed a couple of links when changing the derailleur over. No skips so far.

  3. Pete, love the blog. I’m working on one too. It’ll be good to catch you around castlemaine sometime. Like the look of the shadow plus… thinking of trying out on a bike i’m about to start building. Happy with 1×10 around Castlemaine?

  4. Heya Simon yeah love the Shadow Plus, should become a standard feature as it’s on the 2013 SLX stuff. Very happy with the 1×10 for around Central Vic. I guess it’s something like a year and a half now of running it, love it! Always up for a ride!

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