Headed down early in the morning from Castlemaine with Julien to ride the Wombat Trail at Woodend before the forecast 35-40 degree heat kicked in.

I hadn’t ridden the Wombat Trail since November 2009 on my Kris Holm/Schlumpf 2 speed Mountain Unicycle so was looking forward to seeing what it was like on an MTB and checking some of the new sections that had been cut in since.

The trail was in super condition, smooth and fast, with only a few damp spots. Props to the local trail crew for all the work they’ve done, especially with all the rain that has fallen over the last few months. Packed with fresh morning air, surrounded by trees, flowing down idyllic single track gullies, the morning’s ride on the Wombat MTB trail was certainly a contrast to the harsh and generally more technical terrain around Castlemaine.

Ibis Mojo HD, Wombat Trail, Woodend Victoria
Ibis Mojo HD, Wombat Trail, Woodend Victoria

We finished up the ride around 10.00am by which time quite a few more riders had arrived and were just starting off. Only thing left to do was head into Woodend and make sure we got the vanilla slice reward from Bourkies Bakehouse while there were some left. That’s really why you ride the Wombat! 😛

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