After a few days of riding smaller wheels it was a hoot to get back on the 36’er GUNI and head out into the forest for an afternoon ride of  ~20km including a variety of trails and ~1200 metres of climbing – enough to keep you busy.

The highlight of the ride was a section of narrow wooded single track. Being up on the 36’er, ducking branches, clipping trees – dang that section of track is easier on a 29’er!

Narrow but fun, singletrack for a 36'er
Narrow but fun single track

The pimped out KH36 and XC GUNI Bars cruised along no problems. One thing I noticed with the polished frame was a build of a goop on my calves where they must rub the frame every now and then – I guess hairy legs is one way to polish the frame while riding 🙂

Kris Holm 36" Schlumpf GUni
Kris Holm 36″ Schlumpf GUni

Riding in the Wombat Forest includes lots of up and down, not huge mountain climbs by any means but the changes in elevation quickly add up over a ride.

Route Elevation
Route Elevation

I should’ve eaten a better lunch before heading out on the ride… well… any lunch would have been useful. I had to resort to a GU Gel to get me home. Not surprisingly by the end of the ride the GUNI 36’er started to feel heavy and I started to feel light headed. DOH!

Wombat Forest Loop
Wombat Forest Loop

As a footnote I’m not sure having the GSC 10 Speed and Cadence Sensor fitted is worth it. The design of the unit and the mounting system is not good, too easy to bump the whole unit or adjustable arm into the wheel, even just lying the uni down in the bush. The cadence data is interesting for sure but maybe not interesting enough to warrant the hassle.

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