After a few days of wet and cold weather it was time to head back out into the Wombat Forest. The tracks were ultra slippery, many UPD’s and lots of laughs followed.  Sitting on the 36″ starts to feel high when it’s out of control, especially sliding out from under you on slippery tracks.

Riding the 36″ GUNI offroad ATM still requires a conscious decision to change up to the high gear whenever possible and hang on but it’s feeling more natural with each ride. The 36″ GUNI feels so good to ride in 1:1.5 – a real MTB big gear grind feel.

Hazardous Conditions
Danger, Hazardous Mental Conditions Ahead

I had my first accidental gear shift today for some time, bumping into high gear as I crossed through a narrow muddy section, bailing off the front and laughing as I almost face planted in a large puddle.

Hazardous Rider
Hazardous Mental Condition

It’s easy to forget how much fun riding through the forest on a cold wet day can be. Here’s the route I took, not very long, about 19km.

Wombat Forest Loop
Wombat Forest Loop

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