Uni rides have been replaced with swimming the last week – partly due to the record breaking heat for this time of year, but also to help my leg heal. The swimming has worked magic, and with this year’s 6 hour Cyclic Navigator only a couple of weeks away I definitely need to squeeze in a few hours on the uni.

I took it easy knowing that probably only one awkward UPD at the moment is the difference between being able to ride and being back swimming, but had a fun ride anyway. The single track on the Twin Bridges trail has some great GUni sections – narrow, gently undulating and relatively smooth – great fun to speed through, and with a drop down to the water on one side of the trail not a place to loose your nerve!

The Twin Bridges trail connects to the track around Lake Daylesford, a relatively short but fun, shaded ride.

The trail also passes by several mineral springs. Not a big fan of mineral water! 😀

All up things aren’t too bad – my lower leg has gone from aching to mainly feeling tight. My foot isn’t super comfortable in the shoe yet but the plan is to take it easy for the next couple of weeks with XC rides, definitely no trials stuff until after the Cyclic Navigator.

GUni Express

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