A helmet mounted GoPro HERO Wide camera captures a cool point of view but it’s not long before the itch for alternative mounting locations sets in. There aren’t too many mounting options on a unicycle that are readily accessible, just the seat tube and seat post, and my XC GUNI Handlebars.

I started off with GoPro’s Handlebar Seatpost Mount that allows you to mount the camera to any tube 1.9cm – 3.5cm in diameter. It works as advertised – and the extra plastic arms are very handy – except the footage you can get is limited as the camera doesn’t extend far enough out from the unicycle frame. Say NO! to wide angle butt shots 🙂

Gopro Handlebar Seatpost Mount
GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount

While down in Melbourne I came across the Topeak BarXtender in a bicycle store. Combined with the Handlebar Seatpost mount it would make a GREAT solution for moving the camera out away from the seat tube while being able to adjust everything and without interfering with riding, pedaling etc.

Topeak BarXtender
Topeak BarXtender

The end result is a flexible fun system that allows you to place the GoPro HERO Wide in a wide range of funky camera positions, point up, down, sideways, angled, in front, behind etc whilst being sturdy and flexible enough to survive the occassional off road UPD and hold the camera steady.

Gopro Seatpost Mount - Topeak BarXtender - HERO Wide
GoPro Seatpost Mount – Topeak BarXtender – HERO Wide

Great fun stuff, as you can see the first video I’ve shot with the above combination and the HERO Wide – cruising some singletrack on the Kh29 Freeride.

I really like the wide angle directly looking upwards from just under the front bumper point of view.  It just seems to capture the thrill and feeling of MUNI in the forest.

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