There are several natural enemies of the unicyclist. Loose shoe laces are one of them. You’re buzzing along on the uni, on road, off road, unbeknownst to you your shoelace has come loose and is winding itself around the pedal spindle and anything else it can find. Before you know it you’re posting pictures to the unicycle forum, x-rays of the new plates and screws in your body. No joke!

Seriously, why risk body slapping the earth without warning or choice. Check your shoe laces often during a ride. Double them over, tuck them in, wear shoes that have a flap to keep laces out of the way, or funky laces like the Yankz! Sure Lace System that don’t tie at all.

Eek! Shoelace Alert!
Eek! Shoelace Alert!

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  1. Another way to stop your shoe laces getting tangled, is to unthread your laces from the top holes and then thread them from outside in(not the normal way) and then put the excess lace inside the shoe. You can even tie a knot in the shoe lace inside the shoe so that the laces do not come undone. Happy riding. David

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