Woke up to a Queensland-ish morning – sunny, warm and humid. After the forecast severe storms failed to show during the night it was a great opportunity to get out for a ride, before the next front passes over in the coming days.

I headed up to the Pineys as I figured that after a couple of fine days the trails would have dried out sufficiently. Last time I rode there was back in March this year on my 24″ geared MUni (Mountain Unicycle). The Pineys is a +30km network of technical XC singletrack, a credit to the local MTB guys who created them. It was good fun on the MUni, was looking forward to checking it out on two wheels.

The Pineys, Castlemaine MTB
The Pineys, Castlemaine MTB

I turned out the trails were in great shape, easily less than 5% showed any signs of the recent rains – really just the few sections that ran down gullies. I had lots of fun completing a relatively short loop on the Mojo HD. Definitely some steep rocky climbs in there which tested out my fitness and legs with the 1×9 drivetrain. Got to get the 1×10 drivetrain fitted, the 36’er on the back would come in handy. Overall the Mojo was good fun in this environment. It was only the very slow, steep, tight and twisty sections that it started to feel too relaxed and slow in the front end. Too early to say for sure though as my MTB skills are pretty rusty!

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  1. Have you cutted back on Your Muni riding?
    I'm still leaning with MTB too!
    started riding a MTB back in 1986!

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