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Lake Wendouree

I had some time to spare today while in Ballarat so took the 36’er along and put in a few circuits around Lake Wendouree.  The lake has been dry for a few years due to the drought in southern Australia. It’s a little eerie and bizarre, riding past all of the boat sheds that sit beside the once lake, now big dry hole that manages to catch on fire each summer.

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Lake Wendouree Cruise

I had a few jobs to do in Ballarat (a regional ‘city’ in country Victoria) including dropping off the plans for the latest XC GUNI Bar prototype (should be ready late next week!) and took the 36 GUNI along just in case I had some spare time for a ride. As it turned out I had just enough time for a quick 15 minute cruise around Lake Wendouree, which for the last few years has been a lake in name only due to the ongoing drought conditions. The lake is bone dry and has even caught on fire over the last couple of summers!

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