I had some time to spare today while in Ballarat so took the 36’er along and put in a few circuits around Lake Wendouree.  The lake has been dry for a few years due to the drought in southern Australia. It’s a little eerie and bizarre, riding past all of the boat sheds that sit beside the once lake, now big dry hole that manages to catch on fire each summer.

It’s been a week or so since I’ve ridden a 36’er — it’s fun how ‘big’ a 36’er  feels after a break when you first get on and get going, especially compared to the little 12″ and 16″ uni’s I’ve been playing around on lately.

KH36 Unicycle, Lake Wendouree
KH36 Unicycle, Lake Wendouree

I averaged about 15.5 km/h for the ride, not bad considering 137mm cranks and how slow I tend to spin, nothing too manic today.

Always worth taking a uni along in the van, just in case there’s time for a ride!

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