Turns out today was a fine day to eat MTB shit. It’s been a long time since I’ve rag doll’d off a bike at speed, and I can tell ya, at 48 years old, it gets your attention real fast that’s for sure! TBH not really sure what happened — given the snapped and bent spoke, probably a branch through the front wheel — but whatever did, unlike most MTB crashes I’ve had, it came outta nowhere.

The good news:

The less good news:

It turns out a nearby orthopedic surgeon specializes in an AC Joint reconstruction popular in sporting circles, where a hamstring or two is removed from your leg and then used in lieu of ligaments to bind the shoulders parts together… a DIY organic zip tie of sorts. Cool huh? Typically the procedure yields very good short and long term results.

So…  surgery later this week. Fingers crossed!


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  1. Sorry to read about that Pete…advice (for what it’s worth) don’t get the graft hamstring harvest…get a second opinion.

    all the best with recovery…just had five weeks off bike with cracked scapula and dislocated elbow…yep, 47 is a tough crash time!

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