It’s true… your junk and crotch can take a beating while unicycling, especially during longer rides. Chafing, numbness, you name it, it ain’t pretty.

However… being a hippie has it’s advantages – for every problem there is a herbal remedy, unfortunately though they don’t usually work 🙂

Take it from a skeptic – Calendula actually works, specifically Martin & Pleasance Calendula Herbal Cream! No need to use those chemical laden, irritating anti chafing products.

Before a long ride apply Calendula liberally around the crotch area. Feel it work its magic while you ride (it’s generally used for inflammation, scalds, nappy rash). End the ride with a brand new crotch. A herbal miracle!

Just like label the Calendula jar says, it works. Incredible. Seriously.

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  1. I’ve also found that the calendula cream works well to keep athlete’s foot at bay – with the added benefit of making your feet all soft and silky. Your wife will be jealous! 😉

    Now if only I could find another local store that carries it.

  2. Another Calendula believer, awesome Mark!

    Fwiw, local pharmacies/chemists in Australia often carry stuff like Calendula.

    I think my wife may be jealous of my butt, that’s another story 🙂

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