Opting to run my Mojo HDR as a 650b meant I had to find new tyres fast as my favorite combo to date wasn’t yet available in 27.5″. Schwalbe though are already running full steam ahead with 650b tyres so when it came to finding an alternative front tire to my much loved Specialized Purgatory 2.3 and 2.4, I didn’t need to look any further than Schwalbe’s Hans Dampf 27.5×2.35″.

The first thing I noticed about the 650b Hans Dampf 2.35 was its massive size! It looks much more like 2.5″ when inflated on the ZTR Flow EX rims! It’s definitely confidence inspiring in that regard.

Unlike other tyres I’ve tested in the past I immediately felt comfortable with the Hans out front. Like the Purgatory you can really lean on the outer knobs of the Hans Dampf through a turn and be confident they’ll hold or worst case give you ample warning when they begin to let go. With its massive volume the tyre offers a supple ride at lower pressures, and thanks to the Snakeskin protection I’ve yet to have any problems with sharp rocks damaging the sidewalls.

One difference I have noticed with the Dampf is that due to the deep and reasonably tight tread pattern it picks up and flicks far more small stones vs the Purgatory. Hardly a deal breaker but noticeable. More importantly the tire rolls incredibly well despite its weight of 795grams which really is its only negative attribute I can think of.

All up I’ve been super happy with Hans Dampf 2.35 out front on the Ibis Mojo HDR 650b.

Schwable Hans Dampf 2.35 650b

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  1. Hi – I know the wheel size is different but how does the Purgatory compare the HD’s?

    All my friends ride with the Purgatory and I love the HD but none of us have tried the other.

    Love the blog.


  2. I really like the Purgatory as a front tyre – have used it since June 2011 – so there was some angst having to change to something new as Spesh are yet to roll out 650b (happening right now at the Spesh 2014 product launch IMO!).

    The cornering performance of the Hans Dampf is very similar to the Purgatory IMO, especially if you like to get your weight forward and onto the outer knobbies. I’ve tested other tyres that weren’t anything like the Purgatory in this regard but running the Hans, within a few corners I forgot about it not being a Purgatory and just got on with riding.

    What I really liked about the Purgatory 2.4 (that was lost a little with the 2.3) is the super supple ride at lower pressures. The Hans 2.35 rides pretty well too, I’d say nice than the new Purgatory 2.3.

    The Purgatory doesn’t pick up and flick anywhere near as many small stones as the Hans, and weight-wise it’s hard to say since the there is no 650b Purgatory yet, but the Hans isn’t a lightweight.

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