People who walk into my home office and aren’t into unicycling are probably a little… surprised/disturbed/amused I guess! There is unicycle stuff ALL over the place – complete uni’s, frames, wheels, tires, saddles, riding gear, boxes of junk. I love it, uni chaos, an upside to working remotely 🙂

But… lately I’ve been running out of floor space, getting to the desk has become something of a  challenge. The local hardware store had some garage hooks on sale so I figured it was time to get some unicycle stuff off the floor in my office and onto the ceiling.

Garage Hooks
Garage Hooks

The garage hooks worked a treat – my main uni’s and spares now hang from the ceiling!

Uni's Hanging Around
Ordering Uni Chaos

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  1. Is it coincidence that the garage hooks are almost KH signature blue???? Or has Kris bought out official KH garage hooks??? Hahaha.

  2. Hehey I thought that was funny too Daniel! Like KH uni’s there’s only once choice of color with the hooks, blue!

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