The most fun thing you can do with a unicycle, IMO anyway, is ride it off road. I think a LOT more people would unicycle off road if a) they knew it was possible and b) had a mix of good MUni equipment and suitable trails to experience it first hand, summarized in the… MUni Contagia Equation:

(Anyone who can ride a unicycle +  good MUni equipment) x Suitable trails = MUni Contagia

Today’s MUni Victim: Joell. Age: 11. Started riding: A few weeks ago! First MUni: Today

(Joell + Nimbus ISIS Trails 20″)  x Wombat Forest in Winter Rain = MUni Contagia

Joell, First MUni, Nimbus ISIS 20" Trials
Joell, First MUni, Nimbus ISIS 20″ Trials

If you know someone who can unicycle but has never ridden off road, lend them a MUni and get them off road one way or another.

Yup, MUni Contagia. I know that crazed look!
Yup, crazed look, definitely MUni contagia!

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  1. Hi pete AGAIN um kool video it rulz man so hows life? mines kool since ive been wiv uz 4 awhile by the way


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