Nothing toughened me up for the solo MTB adventure like the stint ‘driving’ Pedicabs as part of the 1988 World Expo in Brisbane.

Gazillions of people were in the city, the World Expo was across the river in Southbank. A little too long to be an easy walk. A Pedicab ride across was the easy and fun transport answer!

Pedicabs empty were HEAVY – the fibre glass bodywork, steel frame, the car batteries under the passenger seat to run the lights and stereo etc. Throw in a couple of large tourists and you really had your work cut out as there are some steep little hills in Brissy, especially in the inner city. Cranking up hills half rev at a time using all your body weight to push the pedal down, fun stuff. I loved it. I think it was a 1×5 or 1×6 drive train.

Waiting for a fare on Albert St, Pedicabs, World Expo 1988 Brisbane
Waiting for a fare on Albert St, Pedicabs, World Expo 1988 Brisbane

Great fun too as pedicabs ran into the early hours of the morning. Lots of fun back then, crossing the Storey Bridge in the wee hours and going other places that pedicabs weren’t meant to go.

Such a baby at the time, still one now I guess just with grey hair and worn out knees 😛

Still, I reckon after the Pedicab experience the fully loaded up Apollo Everest felt like a jet!

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  1. I remember being annoyed that my sister got to go to expo '88 with my aunty, and I had to stay home with my other sister and parents. But then again, I was 5…..sorry to make you feel old Pete!!!

  2. I was a pedicab “driver” at Expo 88; worked there for a few weeks in June or July with my fellow poms Ashley and… some girl, can’t remember exactly. I do remember a driver called Spewie because he puked after a particularly gruelling fare, and another called Freeway because he accidentally joined the freeway (motorway to us Brits). These could’ve just been urban myths however, as I never met them.

    And yes, it was horribly tough, One of my fares had to jump out and push me over the bridge once when my legs gave out.

  3. P.S. I have 1 photo of my mate riding a pedicab, I can email it to you if you wanna put it on her for posterity.

  4. Hello!
    My name is Ken.
    1988 august and september I was apedicab driver.
    When I find your picture my memorrys has comeback.
    I think we were working at same time.
    There were 2japanese working.
    I am one of them.
    Backthen Iwas 24 and I had a long bear.
    Do you remember me?

  5. Hi
    I was there too. Freeway was for real a really happy Dutchman, I also remember Damian (Damo) Magee. A gang of lived in an apartment opposite the Castlemaine brewery. “Spewey” rings a bell too.
    Did you do the Ramada run? That was a killer. I remember taking two Japanese tourists up in a race with another rider, can’t remember who won but the Japanese always tipped well.
    Good memories

  6. I remember lots of people from pedicabs Brisbane 1988. Was there July/August. yes – Freeway was real. the apartment was a riot. One party got particularly messy. Caught up w/ Damien a few years later after he’s just roller bladed from John O’Groats to Lands End. Was still with same girl (Mandy?), Also remember Chris, Gabrielle. It was hard core cycling! Good money and good hotdogs after a night shift. I think the girl in the photo above is Debbie (was there May?).

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