Forget about cleansing your aura and stuff like that, nothing beats a Mojo cleansing!

Too hot to ride this afternoon so instead gave the Mojo a good clean, including the drivetrain — definitely overdue . I’ve been using the blue Rock’n’Roll lube on the drivetrain and haven’t been that impressed with it. It’s messy stuff, and while it claims it will keep your drivetrain clean mine was gunked up to the max.

Cleansed Mojo.... donuts.
Cleansed Mojo…. donuts.

I used a Finish Line wax based lube for many years on the Stumpjumper which worked great but haven’t been able to track it down in shops so am going to try BikeInvention’s wax based Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube instead.

One thing is for sure — compared to cleaning a mountain unicycle, cleaning a dual suspension MTB sure takes a LOT longer and is a lot messier! 😛

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