Things have been kinda quiet in hippie land the last few weeks. I’ve been heading down to Melbourne once a week for treatment on my neck and as part of that have been doing my best to behave. On the neck movement scale of 1-4 it rated 0-1 initially, now up to 2. It still feels fairly ordinary but the feeling of pressure in my head has started to ease, which is great since it’s been that way since June! Few more weeks to go yet.

There’s been plenty of stuff going on anyway, and I’ve also gotten around to doing a few things I’d been putting off – like tidying up/shortening the two brake lines as well as the shifter cable on the Mojo HD. All looking very slick now.

The advice is that light MTB riding is an OK thing to do ATM, but any kind of crashing is not a good idea. Problem is light riding doesn’t mean much at all when you finally get back out on the trail and just want to have fun. I didn’t find the weight of the Camelbak that comfortable on the last ride, so in keeping with taking it easy I headed off without any pack and yeah that felt great, almost free, except for being thirsty 🙂

I’ve lost some fitness and feel kinda kludgey but it felt great to be out, not that comfortable but still great!

Light Ride, Mojo HD
Light Ride, Mojo HD

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  1. Hope you get better soon!

    I myself have been able to ride since July and won’t be able to ride till march…. I can ride lightly but the risk of crashing is not worth the major surgery.

  2. It’s a bummer IIITAK3NIII, I hope your shoulder is healing well after surgery!

    My latest silly-ness isn’t as major by any means, rates as a moderate neck injury. The discomfort is there, but it’s but the limited movement combined with the feeling of pressure in my head that makes it difficult to do any fun stuff. Mainly walking for fun, HA!

    I just need to behave and progressively get going again, hopefully before the end of Nov though it seems to have gone backwards the last few days.

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