Unless you work in the bike industry where a continuous stream of cool wheeled goodies come and go, if you’re anything like me your current ride is your world. When you’re not riding it, chances are you’re obsessing about it — component choices, pressures, maintenance, reliving previous rides, dreaming about rides to come.

With good reason too, 26″ MTB’s  have been around long enough now to be well and truly sorted. These days they really are sweet machines.

So where’s this all leading? Simply that I’m loving my ride, the Ibis Mojo HD.

Bike Magazine described the Mojo HD as:

A carbon jewel with the heart of a cross-country champ and the soul of a downhill superstar.

That pretty much says it all. Buzzing around on mountain bikes in the late 80’s/early 90’s the HD is the sort of bike you could only dream might exist one day. Light, strong, mountain goat climbing, jet descending, efficient pedaling yet with gobs of active supple travel front and back. Oh yeah, mighty purdy too!

It’s Kung Fu on wheels.

Ibis Mojo HD, Going Up
Ibis Mojo HD

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  1. What can I say about the Mojo HD. It's GOOD MOJO for sure. This bike is in my opinion is the bomb. It pedals like a hard core cross country ride and with all of that travel.. Well.. Hard to beat. Literally.
    When pointing that front wheel down a rocky loose and steep trail, all I can say is you better hold on for the ride of your life. It will enable you to take your skills to a whole differant level.. Well done Ibis.

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