As part of my KH29″ Freeride Project I ordered a Freeride 29″ rim from which arrived at the start of this week with a few other goodies!

First impression is the KH Freeride rim is really WIDE compared to a standard 29″ rim, it’s HUGE! With the oval cut outs it’s also very cool looking and comes in at an impressive 798grams (weighed it myself). Rim tape isn’t supplied with the rim and needs to purchased separately.

Kris Holm 29" Freeride Rim
Kris Holm 29″ Freeride Rim

The new rim will be paired up with a new KH Moment 2009 hub. I’m hoping the Freeride rim will give the 29’er the only thing it lacks, and that is more of that awesome large air volume feel of the 3.0″ tire on the 24″ MUNI. I’ve got three choices of 2.35-2.4 29″ tires – the Panaracer Rampage, Continental Mountain King and Schwalbe Racing Ralph – looking forward to trying them all out on the new rim!

Rim info from Kris Holm:

New 47 mm wide 26″ and 29″ rims. Same offset spokes and drillouts as the existing 24″ rim. Combined with a Stout tire these provide a very stable platform for All-Mountain riding without the extra weight of a larger tire. On the KH29, the 47 mm wide rim is really good if you primarily ride offroad and is actually similar weight to the 38 mm rim due to the drillouts. The existing 38 mm rim still comes standard on the assembled KH29 and is the best option if you do a mix of road and trail riding.

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  1. Thanks Tony, definitely have the Stout on the list to try out. The tread pattern looks good too, a bit like the early MTB Ritchie Quads. I’ll probably try the tires I have here first, though it would be interesting to see how it compares to the Rampage, Mountain King and Racing Ralph.

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