The KH 24″ GUni was missing one thing – my home grown XC handle bar. I fitted a spare handle bar I’d been holding onto today and headed down to the local recreation reserve for a test ride. The reserve is handy as it has a good mix of terrain and is close to home.

I really like the feeling of riding a geared unicycle with a handle bar fitted – the increase in comfort and control equals increased levels of joy and happiness. The XC handle bar offers a range of hand positions, is light weight (significantly lighter than the KH Touring Bar), is strong enough to survive many UPD’s, adjustable via the bar ends, and allows use of the brake lever in the traditional position beneath the seat.

24 GUni with XC Bar at Loddon River
24 GUni with XC Bar at Loddon River

I’m stoaked about how today’s ride went as while I like the XC handle bar on my 36’er I wasn’t sure how it would go on the 24. I don’t think I’ll be taking the XC bar off the 24 GUni any time soon 🙂

Buzzing around off road on the 24 GUni in high gear was a hoot – a LOT more relaxing and fun than high gear on a 36’er for sure! While the 24 doesn’t have the smooth flywheel spin of the larger wheel, in 1:1.5/virtual 36′ mode on the 24 you can feel a nice load on your legs, something missing on a single speed 36’er. Climbing and descending off road on the 24″ in 1:1.5 feels good too, and there’s always the go anywhere 1:1 ration. It’s also fun to be able to mount and ride off in 1:1.5, something a lot harder to do on the 36’er GUni.

I hope the tubeless 24″ tire holds up because so far it feels GREAT!

I’ve swapped the orientation of the hub around so one thing I need to rewire and refine in my brain is my shifting. The 150 cranks make shifting a lot more convenient vs the 165’s I had on the 36’er.

After the ride I checked the shifter buttons, crank bolts and bearing brackets for loosening or tension probs. All good, phew!

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