Do or do not, there is no try. This rocky line has caught me out before… I choke way too easily sometimes.

First attempt today: Try
Result: Crash

Subsequent attempts: Do
Result: Scary but success, w00hoo!

Yoda, you got to be kidding dude!
Yoda, you got to be kidding dude!

Another sunny day in Central Victoria but still plenty of water still draining from the bush after the flooding rains last week, humid and steamy in amongst the trees. Lots of mud and goop in the gullies too, so the plan is to stick to fire tracks and elevated trails generally over the next few days at least until things dry out.

LOTS, I mean LOTS of cobwebs containing big arse spiders across the trail today, perfectly positioned at mouth height… lots of stopping to brush webs and spiders off my face, helmet, shirt and front of the bike. I don’t mind spiders but dang…

The Mojo HD is running great. I adjusted the brakes yesterday so that took some getting used to today, especially the rear. Second ride for the Squirt wax lube and it’s looking good – the bike is splattered with mud but the chain is somehow still clean, sweet!

The weather forecast is looking GREAT for the next week — sunny cool days, cool nights. The trails should be prime just as they dry out, nice and tacky. Go Yoda, you old green thing!

ps. Pics taken with GoPro HD in 2 sec interval photo mode.

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