In May 2013 I was super fortunate to be involved in the release of the Ibis Mojo HDR. The Mojo HDR Introduction video was shot over a couple of weeks in Melrose South Australia. Both the guys at Ibis and I were concerned about someone noticing the HDR and posting photos of the bike online before it was officially released. The solution was to place black tape over the ‘R”s on the top tube and rear triangle. Not super stealth by any means but thankfully it did the job 🙂

Here’s a few links to early Mojo HDR stories:

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  1. Pete!
    I think you make god damn awesome, overall ‘comPETE’ fantastic, beautiful looking videos …some of the best out there!

    Michael Høgsbro

  2. Hey thanks Michael, appreciate it!

    It’s a bit limiting doing the riding and the camera stuff by yourself but at the same time a lot of fun too.

    Also I’ve been trying to reply to your email re video editor but the message bounces. I use Sony Vegas Pro – not because it’s any better than other options, just that I bought into it years ago before Sony acquired the software and it does the job so have no need to change.

  3. Hear you Pete.

    Editing software!
    ( everything else. Bike, Car what ever!) ‘learn to handle it and take it to the edge’

    And I think, you take all your effort, riding and camera by yourself, and then editing your vidoes(movies) to the edge.

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