The East Coast MTB Road Trip has been a great opportunity to ride new places, work on my riding skills and put the Ibis Mojo HDR 650b to the test.

The Mojo HDR has been a lot of fun to ride everywhere, though ultimately it feels more at home in faster AM flavored terrain e.g. Ricochet at Atherton, Rock and Roll at Townsville etc, versus slower, tighter XC stuff such as Daisy Hill. As expected really given the specs, geometry and setup of the bike. Yeah, lovin the HDR!

The only niggle I’ve had along the way has been with tires. It’s not that the Nobby Nic 2.35 (front) and Racing Ralph 2.25 (rear) aren’t great tires in their own right – it’s just that ultimately I prefer the feel of bigger, chunkier tires run at slightly lower pressure. Run the larger than life Hans Dampf 27.5×2.35 up front and you know what I mean – it’s one nasty, confidence inspiring donut!

Out back the Racing Ralph has been an awesome tire on XC trails but it’s undoubtedly taken a beating on the rougher, rockier AM terrain I’ve ridden along the way e.g. Mt Joyce. On last count it had ~70 punctures (!), ranging from pin holes to cuts, mainly between the tread blocks. Silicon sealant is amazing stuff but for maximum joy and confidence it makes sense to run a tire designed for the terrain you like to ride, even if it means sucking up a small weight penalty.

Do two Hans make bike work?
Do two Hans make bike work?


With more fun riding looming on the hippie horizon I’ve opted to swap back to the Hans Damp 2.35 on the front, and try out the Hans Dampf 2.25 on the rear. I prefer running a slightly smaller, lighter but still chunky tire on the rear and practically the 2.35 Hans is too tight a fit in the rear of the HDR anyway. In terms of clearance the 2.25 is just right.

Hans Dampf 27.5X2.25 Rear Clearance, Ibis Mojo HDR
Hans Dampf 27.5X2.25 Rear Clearance, Ibis Mojo HDR


With some time to spare and a set of calipers handy I thought I’d measure up the two Hans to see how they compared. As you can see the 2.35 is MUCH chunkier than officially spec’d!

Claimed Width Actual Width 650b Diameter Actual Diameter
Hans Dampf 27.5×2.25 57.15mm 57.52 698.5mm 694mm
Hans Dampf 27.5×2.35 59.69mm 63.48 698.5mm 711mm


Do two Hans make bike work? I’m looking forward to finding out 🙂


Hans Dampf 27.5x2.35 vs 27.5x2.25
Hans Dampf 27.5×2.35 vs 27.5×2.25


Hans Dampf 27.5 x 2.25
Hans Dampf 27.5 x 2.25


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  1. Hi there, I am very interested in hearing your thoughts about this setup on your hdr? I am trying to decide what tire set to run on my 27.5 Mojo HD. I was leaning more towards the Nobby Nic front and rear or even a Rocket Ron in the rear. Just wanted to know your thoughts on the rolling resistance of this tire. Thanks so much

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