I guess there was more to the UPD at Flume Track the other day. I wasn’t able to use my leg to shift down to low gear after the UPD but riding seemed to be ok apart from some anguish on the left side. I have no idea what happened or what hit what, just one of those UPD’s where your first thought is ‘Oh right… I crashed!’

Since then my lower left leg has gone all funky magic! While it’s swollen, bruised and tender to touch there isn’t much discomfort walking so the verdict is it’s only tissue damage.

Funky Leg Magic
Funky Leg Magic

Looks like a couple of days off the uni, and maybe a break from gear shifting along with some cruisey rides after that is in order.

Note to self: riding geared MUni when over tired is not a great idea.

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  1. whoooa….after consulting my girlfriend (who is a doctor) we concluded that you should amputate, then get a stump with an SPD clip built in, thus eliminating the need for a foot at all!!!! hope it gets better mate.

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