To help minimize the late afternoon jet lag like feeling due to getting up for work at 3.40am I squeezed in a mid afternoon MUni ride along Flume Track before doing the school run. I’d often passed the entry sign but never ridden it and had hoped the trail would be an easy ride suitable for the local uni kids as it’s only a few minutes from their school.

Fun terrain
Fun terrain

Flume Track turned out to be a fun short ride, and nothing like I expected. Lots of up and down and some fun steep eroded descents. The 24 GUni is perfect for this terrain! Suitable for a school cruise? Hmm… not really, and not a Summer trail either due to limited shade.

Up and down, and warm weather

The turn around point for the ride was the Bullarto Reservoir. Being a town catchment area you can’t go near the water without a permit but the cool breeze coming off the water was definitely welcome. Today was quite warm with signs all around that the cool Spring weather is unfortunately almost over 🙁

Bullarto Reservoir

One UPD wasn’t much fun at all with the inside lower left leg taking a decent belting, on what I’m not sure. What I do know though is that due to the discomfort I couldn’t shift down gears on the return ride. DOH!

Oh well, there’s always Rapigel!

Ouch! left ankle/foot swollen

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