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MTB Reviews

Deeper look into some of the MTB bits and pieces I’ve been¬†checking out.

Exposure Reflex Mk1 Review

If you’re a mountain biker who loves night riding chances are you’re familiar with the quest for the ultimate trail light. You know the one. It’s the beautifully machined piece of kit that is super bright, small in size, lightweight, robust and burns all night long. Maybe the 2013 Exposure Reflex Mk1 is the high performance mountain bike light you’ve been looking for!

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2013 Exposure Diablo Mk4 Review

Modern day MTB lords of darkness have never had it so good. Bike lights these days are for the most part super bright, super efficient, compact and lightweight. Exposure Lights designed and manufactured in the UK by USE Ltd are a great example of where things are at. Thanks to BikeBox (the Australian distributor for Exposure Lights) I’ve been running dual 2013 Exposure Diablo Mk4’s on my helmet, complemented by a handlebar mounted MaxX-D and a Flare rear light. Suffice to say with 3000+ Lumens in total to burn night rides have never been so much fun!

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ZEE 10spd Shadow Plus Derailleur

Just before we began the rock and roll back country descent during which my XTR Shadow Plus derailleur got ripped in two, Rich put the mozz on me by asking why I’d gone with the long cage due to clearance issues etc. I had intended to get the mid cage version but when it came time to order it wasn’t available… and by that stage I was too hot and sweaty for Shadow Plus to wait any longer. All things considered though it’s been a long time since a rear derailleur got munched so I can’t complain, it’s been a good run.

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