Specialized Purgatory Control 2.3 Tire

As a well and truly lapsed Catholic it’s a delicious irony that I’m as happy as the proverbial pig in sh*t with Purgatory – the Specialized Purgatory 2.4 that is.

Captain Armadillo Elite

The Captain 2.2. Armadillo Elite

So I had a pretty goofy crash the other day. It was on a section of trail I ride often which I think was part of the reason I stacked – just not paying enough attention to conditions, bike and trail.

New Tires, No Tubes

Specialized Control Tires

Two BIG fresh black donuts last seen at The Bike Vault, namely a Specialized Purgatory Control 2Bliss 2.4 and Specialized The Captain Control 2Bliss 2.2. Finally time to get fresh grip on the Mojo HD. Thanks Pete and Gary, Woohoo!