One downside of unicycling alone is that it can be difficult (and a hassle) to capture interesting photos and videos. Aside from rider and unicycle mounted camera systems like the GoPro HERO Wide, tripod mounted shots are the most common solution. With their rigid design standard tripods, even smaller ones, can be a hassle to fit in Camelbak style backpacks, and the need to carry smaller tripods often results in a limited range of interesting angles for photos and videos.

One solution is the Gorillapod by Joby:

The Original Gorillapod is the lightest and most versatile camera tripod available today. Featuring over two dozen flexible leg joints that bend and rotate, the Gorillapod will firmly secure your compact digital camera to virtually any surface — anywhere and everywhere!

The Gorillapod is the ideal camera accessory for photographers on the go. Throw it in your pocket or backpack and you’ll be ready for your next adventure! While the Gorillapod serves all the functions of a traditional camera tripod – steadying your camera under low-light conditions, taking timed group shots, etc. – it is the only tripod malleable enough to provide you with the perfect shot while wrapped around a tree branch, hanging from a pole, or perched on a jagged rock. The possibilities are endless!

I’ve had the original Gorillapod since late 2008. It’s light (<50grams), small, flexible, and easy to fit in the Camelbak M.U.L.E, which all up means it comes along on just about every ride which is the key thing – if something is too much of a hassle to take on rides it ends up staying at home.

The bendy arms let you attach the camera to basically anything the legs can hook around, and the quick release plate contribute to shots being quick and easy to set up. Great stuff!

Joby Gorillapod
Joby Gorillapod in Action

According to Joby the Original Gorillapod can support a camera up to 325grams. I’ve used small video and compact cameras on it with no problems. There are also much larger Gorillapods available for SLR etc.

Even though Joby has patents pending on the Gorillapod the design has been copied by other companies.

Bottomline: Gorillapod – recommended!

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